a fashion blogger in the making

Like two years ago I was in the shower and like "hey, one day I want to be a fashion blogger".

Then I remembered that I only wear sweat pants, yoga pants, or cutoffs with paint stains. And T-shirts. Or occasionally one of Shane's old shirts and 6-yr old crocs filled with grass clippings and mud.

Except for Sundays, when I wear real clothes and heels for three hours and three hours only.

But that's not why I'm blogging today.

I'm blogging to talk about life lately. It's been a while.

But as I sit here listening to BoyzIImen, I just can't get excited about writing about my life, our trip to NYC, our garden, why I decided to homeschool, or really anything.

So, I'll leave it at that. That one day I will start a fashion blog, except it will be the opposite of one, like a 'what a fashion blogger should never ever wear'. People will come, Ray.

(here are some pictures of our life, care of my iphone)

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