welcome to my house

I've been meaning to take pictures of my house and post them for the past 3 years, but then we'd start another house project and I'd tell myself I'd wait until after the project was finished, then I'd post them.

Truth is, we'll always have an unfinished project in this house. We have since the day we moved in. It will never be finished, but I could go on and on about how that applies to life and my spirit and then heaven and so on, so I'll just stop there.

I'm pretty incredibly proud of this house. We built it from the ground up, doing 90% of the work ourselves (with the help of some awesome volunteers...my dad and little brother, especially). Every project has involved a lot of late nights, a lot of sweat and blood and a lot of marital discord and a lot of trips to Home Depot.

The front door. That boxwood wreath was pricey, but it's been living for 2 and a half years without me doing a gosh darned thing to it, so I call that worth it.

The family room, which never ever looks like this. Usually there are 20 books on the floor, pillows stacked and crayons everywhere.

When we first built the house, the counter to the left was an L-shaped island, what is the official term for that? I can't remember. Anyway, when we replaced the countertops we switched things around and went for a full-fledged island Shane made from a boneyard cabinet and two legs we found on KSL.

My makeshift closet office might have been the biggest source of aforementioned marital discord. I came home one day with four pallets and begged Shane to take them apart. He loooooooved it. 

Open space living is where it's at.

Clara's minimalist room, which is minimalist because I haven't figured out what to do with it yet. I kind of love it as is at the moment, though.

Clara's old room, which is now Emmie's abode. I've always loved light blue rooms for girls. Don't look closely at our $40 Macgyvered crib. It's been in one too many moves (it's still thriving!).

On another note, if you're considering laying hardwood in your whole house, I'd tell you to do it. I love it! We did carpet in the basement, which is nice, but I love my wood floors. They're so easy to keep clean and rugs are cheap and much easier to clean than carpet. Everyone told me not to and I'm glad I didn't listen.

The playroom is in the basement, which we just finished this winter. 

The guest room is another room in the basement, as is Logan's room, which isn't pictured.

We laid this guest bathroom (basement, as well) tile last month. We just have the shower left, and then our house will be 100% complete! And then everyone needs to come and visit.

The master bedroom. It's small, as in we could never ever fit a king-sized bed in there if we wanted to small, but we'll live. #firstworldproblems p.s. that's an ana-white bed, can you tell? took me forever..

That dresser = the best $50 I ever spent at the thrift store.

We have this marble tile in this bathroom, our master bathroom and the laundry room on the main level and it's still one of my favorite things about my house.

I don't know if this is my forever house, but I wouldn't mind it being that. Actually I'd be tickled. Thanks for making it through all of these meaningless pictures without quitting. Now come and see it in person, you'll be greeted with a few dozen zucchini. 

(no really, please come and get some zucchini!)

(we're drowning in it!!)


  1. Darling! We closed on our house and will officially start this whole process soon. I'll have to enlist you to help decorate it! I especially love the dresser and gallery wall.

  2. You meant "dad and my brothers" right?